Actionable Insights
for Better Healthcare

Population Intelligence empowers you to increase employee productivity, improve morale, and reduce healthcare costs.

What is Population Intelligence?

HDI’s Population Intelligence is a comprehensive population health management solution - a cloud-based SaaS platform that equips you to more efficiently manage your population’s cost, utilization, and care outcomes.

What Population Intelligence Provides:

  • A clear picture of the employer’s healthcare utilization and costs
  • Cost and risk forecasting 12 months into the future
  • Positive identification of care gaps across the population
  • Global patient identification for more effective care and case management
  • Concrete, risk-based intervention strategies and recommendations

Features of Population Intelligence:

  • Easy deployment
  • Intuitive dashboards and reports
  • Simple, vendor-agnostic data integration technology
  • Robust cost and health outcome forecasts using HDI's Fathom predictive model
  • Accurate member risk-adjustment and stratification leveraging the Johns Hopkins ACG® System

How Population Intelligence can help: