Population Intelligence for Employers

Powerful Analytics for Healthier Employees and a Healthy Bottom Line

POWERFUL INSIGHTS for Healthier Employees and a Healthy Bottom Line

The biggest challenge facing today’s employers is finding and implementing effective methods to contain spiraling healthcare costs. It’s more difficult than ever to offer healthcare plans that your employees are happy with and at a cost you can afford. More healthcare data is available than ever. But analyzing disparate, often confusing data sources to identify information that will reduce employee utilization while improving their health is not easy. And that is not a core competency of most employers. You need the help of a partner with deep expertise in providing clear and concise insights from healthcare data.

That partner is HDI and its Population Intelligence suite. The insightful analytics built into Population Intelligence give you and your benefit advisor a meaningful, easy-to-deploy solution to help you realize the following benefits:

  1. Improve the health of your employees and families
  2. Boost productivity and morale
  3. Dramatically boost your bottom line

A Preview of Key Questions Population Intelligence Can Answer.

  1. Who are our company’s riskiest members? What are they costing us?
  2. Can we track and measure what’s happening over time?
  3. What can we do with all this information? How can we intervene now?